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Elevate Your Career With The World’s ONLY Trauma-Informed Coaching & Leadership Qualification CMI Level 7

Masters Degree Equivalent!

Where Trauma Meets Transformation:

Your Successful Coaching Story Starts Today!

Do you yearn to turn the pain of your own trauma into a powerful purpose?

Are you eager to learn how to progress in your own healing journey and guide others through similar experiences, even if you’ve never coached before?

Whether you’re looking for intentional healing tools that leave a more meaningful impact on your clients…

You dream of taking trauma informed healing strategies into schools, healthcare systems, or even the corporate space…

You recognise that being trauma informed is actually an essential life skill to have and anyone working with others should be trauma informed…

Or simply want to help others move forward and fully embrace the life they deserve…

You’re in the right place!

Become One Of The World’s FIRST Qualified Trauma Informed Coaches

The Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching & Leadership Certification is not only ICF & CPD Accredited but is an actual QUALIFICATION recognised by a GLOBALLY RECOGNISED governing body CMI, regulated by Ofqual to a Level 7, Masters degree equivalent.

A Staggering Number Of Coaches Lack Vital Trauma-Informed Expertise

The truth is, there’s a vast information gap when it comes to trauma.

Experiencing trauma is NOT the same as being TRAUMA INFORMED

Many coaches, even those with years of experience, often lack an in-depth understanding of how trauma manifests in different individuals.

One critical aspect that many coaches in this space overlook is the SOMATIC (body) element of healing.

Cognitive practices alone are insufficient.

You cannot think your way out of trauma – that’s just not how it works!

This gap in knowledge not only leads to frustration for coaches but, more importantly, for those seeking support.

When You Don’t Have A Comprehensive Grasp Of Trauma, You Can:

Inadvertently Miss Crucial Cues

Without a comprehensive understanding of trauma, coaches may unintentionally overlook vital signs and signals from their clients, preventing them from receiving the help they truly need.

Offer Inadequate Guidance

Coaches lacking a deep grasp of trauma offer generic, ineffective strategies and fail to address the client’s unique trauma-related challenges. This leaves them feeling unsupported and unheard.

Unintentionally Retraumatize Clients

The most concerning consequence of insufficient knowledge in trauma is the potential to unintentionally retraumatise clients by introducing triggering topics, exercises, or approaches that cause harm, rather than healing.

This One-Of-A-Kind Qualification Sets You Apart

You recognise that, whether you’re an existing professional, a coach, a therapist, or a manager, understanding trauma is crucial when working with people face to face.

You know the people you connect with carry past experiences that affect their present, and your trauma-informed knowledge and skills can be the catalyst to break patterns and guide their healing to their version of success.

You’re confident that your true purpose is to help others heal and grow.

Imagine If You:

Join The Fastest Growing Community Of Qualified Trauma Informed Coaches In The World

The Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching & Leadership Certification & Qualification is an all-encompassing 12-month coaching training programme.

You’ll walk away with a globally recognised CMI Level Qualification, Level 7, Masters degree equivalent, making you a Somatic Trauma Informed Coach & Leader with 180 credits.

This qualification can be used in healthcare settings, schools, and in the workplace.

The Programme Is Split Into 12 Modules:

  • Introduction Module
  • What To Expect From The Course
  • Learn About The Course Standards
  • Explore The Concepts Of Trauma
  • Identify Different Types Of Trauma
  • Differences In Modalities (Coach, Mentor, Counselling, Therapy)
  • ​Engage In Practical Exercises
  • Examine The Human Responses To Trauma
  • Introduction To The Working Of The Brain
  • Explore The Stress And Trauma Response In The Brain
  • Understanding The Nervous System
  • ​Educating Clients On Psychological Aspects
  • ​Identify The Three Main Trauma Responses
  • ​Gain A Leadership Perspective On Trauma Responses
  • Explore The Principles Of Polyvagal Theory
  • ​The Both/And Of Autonomic Safety Hierarchy
  • ​Dive Into The Hierarchy Of Responses
  • ​Explore The Vagus Nerve
  • ​Learn About The Ventral Vagal Parasympathetic Nervous System (Social Engagement System)
  • ​Understand The Dorsal Vagal Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Identify Cues Of Safety And Danger
  • ​Learn How The Autonomic Nervous System Responds To The Environment
  • ​Explore Responses To Perceived Threats And Danger
  • ​Understand The Concept Of Vagal Brake
  • ​Learn About Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • Examine How Perception Is Influenced By A Sense Of Safety
  • ​Understand The Relationship Between Stress & The Environment
  • ​Explore The Impact Of Childhood Trauma
  • ​Dive Into Bowlby’s Theory Of Attachment
  • ​Secure Autonomous
  • ​Adverse Experiences Vs Traumatic Experiences
  • ​Analyse How Family Dynamics Impact Trauma
  • What Are Adverse Childhood Experiences – Aces?
  • ​Exploring Other Types Of Trauma To A Child
  • ​Is Being Ace Aware A Positive
  • ​Adverse Experiences Vs Traumatic Experiences
  • ​Dive Into Levels Of Listening, Empathy, Compassion, & Sympathy
  • ​Understanding Your Client’s Internal Family System
  • ​A Breakdown Of Potential Traits Your Client Will Present With
  • ​The Traffic Lights Of Tolerance Tm
  • How Trauma Can Affect Your Clients Self
  • ​Explore The Importance Of Coach Presence
  • Good Practices For Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching
  • ​A Breakdown Of Potential Traits Your Client Will Present With
  • ​What Is The Dsm?
  • Empowering And Enabling
  • ​Empowering As A Leader
  • ​Encouraging Self Autonomy And Self Responsibility
  • ​Promoting Self Confidence And Self Efficiency
  • ​Coaching Relationship Dynamics
  • ​Co-Dependency With Coach Formation
  • ​Setting Boundaries As A Coach
  • ​Effects Of Previous Trauma
  • ​Goal When Working With A Client
  • ​Nervous System Goal
  • ​Working With Trauma Clients
  • ​My Top Grounding Exercises
  • ​How To Leverage Vagus Nerve Breathing
  • ​Self Exploration: Are You Ready
  • Definition Of Self Leadership
  • Understand How Personal Development Contributes To Professional Success As A Leader
  • ​Explore Overall Wellbeing And Fulfilment
  • Effects Of Trauma On Self Leadership
  • ​Coping Strategies For Trauma Survivors To Enhance Self Leadership
  • ​The Role Of Supportive Relationships In Self Leadership
  • ​Overcoming Obstacles As A Leader Through The Lens Of Positive Psychology
  • ​Trauma Informed Leaders Is The New Way Of Leading
  • Organisational Development
  • ​Trauma’s Influence On Decision Making
  • ​Examining Fear-Based Decision Making
  • ​Principles Of Trauma-Informed Leadership

Plus, You’ll Gain Access To:

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Imagine If You:

Complete a CMI Level 7 Qualification – Master’s Degree Equivalent with an ICF & CPD Accredited Coaching Certification

Total Value: £9,000/ $11,000

Pay In Full (HUGE SAVING):

12 Monthly Payments:
£237/$317 Per Month

Hear From The Students & Graduates Who Are Making A Difference In The World

‘I'm A Better Person & Coach Because Of Her And This Program.’

“Working with Caroline has been an absolute transformation and joy. The course is organized, thorough, effective, efficient, and a pleasure to work though. I’m a better person and coach because of her and this program. Thank you Caroline… sincerely… With all of my heart.”

Connie Diffenderfer, BSN, RN, NC-BC

‘Caroline Gave Me The Confidence To Create A New Business’

“Caroline empowered me to take my first step into the coaching world and gave me the confidence to create a new business for myself. Having never coached before, I thought I was going to be out of my depth. However, Caroline has managed to take the complex subject of narcissistic abuse and trauma and structured the course in such a way that you can easily understand.

Caroline always goes above and beyond by arranging many interesting speakers and additional trainings that can add value and support your business, which makes this course fantastic value for money.

Caroline is also creating a wonderful community of coaches that can help and support each other so you never feel like you are on your own. She has helped me understand that our own experiences with narcissistic abuse can be used not just to help others heal, but to really help them thrive.”

Trudy Dawson

‘Quality Programme & Great Value For Money’

“Caroline does a stellar job delivering abstruse concepts and weaving together numerous approaches, in a down-to-earth, relatable, easy-to-digest way, ideal even for absolute beginners. I appreciated the fact that although she could have put together a course that sounded like speeches from a high throne, as many others do, she chose a humane approach, infused with humour and casual expressions, without being any less professional.

The course is packed with knowledge and practical applications, offering a complete, balanced, 360-degree approach to a multifaceted topic. Quality programme and great value for money, highly recommended!”

Sophia Aslanidou

‘I Have Learnt So Much Over The Last 8 Months’

“This course is amazing, I have learnt so much over the last 8 months. I have studied many courses over the past few years, this has exceeded all expectations. It’s in a league of its own.

Caroline’s knowledge is impressive and she is always on hand to offer support and willing to share her extensive knowledge. I am so proud to be on this journey and can’t wait to make a difference in this world.

I have grown personally and implemented my new knowledge in both my own and my son’s life, and felt proud that I was able to have a very knowledgeable conversation about trauma.”

Chantal Hodgson

Join The Fastest Growing Community Of Qualified Trauma Informed Coaches In The World

Immediate Action Takers Will Also Unlock Incredible Bonuses Valued At Over £5,000/$6,000!

Leadership Certification & Qualification Is A Good Fit For You If You:

Bottom Line:

Anyone can call themselves a coach. (That’s right – no qualifications required!)

To stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to your clients that you can help them achieve the best results possible…

Accreditations and qualifications are crucial to attest to your ability.

Whether you’re taking your first step into the coaching space or ready to elevate your existing skill set…

This program will equip you with a profound understanding of trauma and healing plus, provide tangible tools and strategies to implement what you learn.

(Not to mention, enable you to become part of the second fastest growing industry worldwide!)

The demand for skilled coaches who can navigate the complex terrain of trauma is skyrocketing, and you have the opportunity to ride this wave of growth.

Coaches in this field can earn anywhere from £25 to £300+ per hour ($40-$400!+), depending on their expertise and the value they provide.

So, if you’re ready to stand out, make a difference, and elevate or begin your career in the coaching industry…

Don’t wait:

Join The Fastest Growing Community Of Qualified Trauma Informed Coaches In The World

Immediate Action Takers Will Also Unlock Incredible Bonuses Valued At Over £5,000/$6,000!

Frequently Asked Questions

This qualification is for anyone and everyone with a vested interest in trauma healing and a deep desire to bring genuine, lasting change into their own life and the lives of their clients.

If 300 hours feels overwhelming, don’t worry! You can still self heal and gain ICF & CPD certification in just 80 hours with our ICF & CPD Accreditation-based program here.

The fundamental content in this programme will be drip-fed to you over the course of 8 months, giving you time to properly process what you learn. If you choose to take the qualification, you will have 12 months to complete the curriculum. If you are working for the certification only, there are no time constraints. You will have lifetime access to the programme material.

The beauty of this programme is that you do NOT have to attend any of the LIVE lessons LIVE. They are all recorded and put into your membership area within 24 hours. Plus you will have LIVE Q and As each week at various time zones to suit you and a personal tutor who is always on hand to support you.

Each lesson is around 90 minutes long and some are recorded for you to go back and access in your membership if you can’t attend live. For the qualification, allow 20 hours plus and for the accreditation 4 hours plus. The course is designed to ensure that even the busiest parent, who works full time, can still complete the programme if they take the accreditation.

Unfortunately, because you receive immediate access to the program after purchase, there are no refunds.

This is not a subscription but a payment plan and you must ensure that when you enrol and sign your contract that you are able to pay the amounts each month. This is why we have now also added in a 24 month payment plan to support you on the journey as more coaches are needed in this space. This is a legally binding contract that you must sign to enrol so please make sure the payments are affordable.

You’ll receive an email immediately after purchase with your personal login information for the Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching Certification portal. Here you will find information about the programme with dates, times and links. When you join, there will be welcome videos and support videos to help you familiarise yourself with the tech. But don’t be scare as we are always on hand to support you.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of trauma and learn how to implement this knowledge as you work with your clients. The programme will allow you to provide survivors of trauma abuse with the support and understanding they need–and currently do not have. There is lots of content around internal family systems and trauma that I have uniquely curated for you to interweave into your coaching sessions with lots of materials to use with your clients.

Yes! You don’t need any experience to start this course. You will learn everything you need within the programme. It is a very comprehensive programme and remember you have weekly term time Q and As and a personal tutor on hand to support you.

In order to receive your CMI qualification, you must log every module watched, every Q&A, complete all assignments, attend the practice sessions. To receive your ICF & CPD accredited certification, you must watch 9/12 of the modules and complete case studies, the assigned tasks plus a final quiz.

The necessary module assignments and tasks will be relevant to your course and will be clearly defined in your online portal to make this easy for you.

Your ICF & CPD accreditation and certification are globally recognised.

The CMI qualification is recognised throughout all the UK universities, allowing people who have done CMI qualifications, through an approved CMI provider, to get their diplomas recognised by any UK university. Globally, the CMI qualification is recognised in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia (Malaysia, Singapore & China), Australia and New Zealand.

ABSOLUTELY!!! We actively encourage more men to step forward as we need for more men in this field to be professionally trained.

Your Teacher: Caroline Strawson

Hello, I’m Caroline Strawson, a multi-award winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Therapist & Coach and founder of The Accredited School of Trauma Informed Positive Psychology

I may be all that, but I am, first and foremost, human. Just like you.

In 2010, I experienced a series of life changing traumatic events. My mum, who was my rock, died very suddenly, and my husband walked out on me and our two children and I realised I had been in an abusive marriage .

I was left with over £70,000 ($100,000) worth of debt and, at that time, even lost my family home in 2013. I was homeless with two children. I was at rock bottom, a shell of myself.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with complex PTSD, and realised that I was suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and self harm. All the while thinking “How could an intelligent woman like myself, with a medical background, find herself in this situation!?!”

I felt stupid, alone, isolated, and in a very dark place. No one seemed to understand what I was going through, and the more I seemed to talk about the trauma and abuse I suffered, the more I felt misunderstood.

The truth is, I needed someone who understood my trauma, but that person didn’t exist.

My personal journey with abuse, trauma and healing, paired with my background in neuroscience and professional coaching experience and therapy, inspired me to take this path to educate people like you so that you can understand how your experiences have impacted you and how you can heal.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I Don’t Want Anyone Else To Suffer The Pain I Did For As Long As I Did

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to educate myself in this space to ensure that I can help more sufferers of abuse and trauma to heal deeply.

I want you to have your own personal EVOLUTION just like I have because life is for living and not existing and I spent decades merely existing.

In that time, I’ve achieved the following qualifications and certifications that allow me to do this:

I’m On A Mission To Equip The World With Trauma-Informed Strategies

Host of #1 Podcast

I host the #1 iTunes Podcast ‘The Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery Podcast’, providing my community with additional tangible tools and techniques to help them on their recovery journey with over 4.3 million downloads.

Best Selling Author

I’m the author of 3 best-selling books, including the #1 bestselling book, ‘Divorce Became My Superpower” and I am currently writing a book for Hay House Publishing on Post Traumatic Growth After Narcissistic Abuse.

Join The Fastest Growing Community Of Qualified Trauma Informed Coaches In The World

Immediate Action Takers Will Also Unlock Incredible Bonuses Valued At Over £5,000/$6,000!

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